When Great Intentions Produce Great Heartache?

The greatest intentions can sometimes produce the greatest heartaches. A promise made is still a promise even when it is broken. The bundle of emotions that circulate the heart, mind and soul of the person on the receiving end; creates  a mental shock that can simmer slowly or boil  immediately on the fiery stove top of a broken heart .  Either way, the dish that is served is called disappointment.

Life is filled with promises that are all connected to individuals that are connected to circumstances that can sometime be completely out of their control.   This creates the perfect breading ground for relationship failure  due to non fulfillment of commitments.

No matter how young or how old we may be,  at some point we will all encounter  disappointment.   However, as devastating as a disappointment can be, if we do not learn how to handle it,  it  handle us. What are some of  the best ways to handle disappointment  so it can helps us  become BETTER rather than BITTER when it happens again?

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