When Great Intentions Produce Great Heartache?

The greatest intentions can sometimes produce the greatest heartaches. A promise made is still a promise even when it is broken. The bundle of emotions that circulate the heart, mind and soul of the person on the receiving end; creates  a mental shock that can simmer slowly or boil  immediately on the fiery stove top of a broken heart .  Either way, the dish that is served is called disappointment.

Life is filled with promises that are all connected to individuals that are connected to circumstances that can sometime be completely out of their control.   This creates the perfect breading ground for relationship failure  due to non fulfillment of commitments.

No matter how young or how old we may be,  at some point we will all encounter  disappointment.   However, as devastating as a disappointment can be, if we do not learn how to handle it,  it  handle us. What are some of  the best ways to handle disappointment  so it can helps us  become BETTER rather than BITTER when it happens again?


What Are You Thankful For?

The fast pace of life today causes us, if we are not careful,  to take for granite  the simple yet important things in life. We are so busy putting out the fires that life produces, that we sometime forget to be thankful for the water supplied to douse the flames.  When was the last time you thought about what you had instead of complaining about what you did not have? What are we really thankful for? Are we thankful because we have a lot of stuff or because we have a lot of life?  This is a personal question that only you the individual can answer.  Is this a good time for you to pause to give thanks for that  thing or things of great value in your life?  I love the scripture in 1 Thessalonians 5:18 that says…Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.  Let’s make today a day of Thanksgiving and proclaim to ourselves and the world the things we are thankful for.  The only statement you need to make now is, I am thankful for _________________.

Happy posting and remember today to….Keep Your Eyes On Jesus!

Mission Fields – Far or Near?

I was visiting this week with a group of friends and the topic of missions came up in discussion.  While many view points were shared from those who have or have not participated in foreign mission work, it raised some very interesting food for thought.   The most heated debate of the evening raised the question: why do many Christians  travel to unknown and unsafe parts of the world to share the gospel yet,  many of those same Christians are apprehensive when it comes to going into the poor neighborhoods in their own communities to share that same gospel?  How do we encourage our Christian brothers and sisters to be comfortable no matter where they find their mission field, and how do we provide the training for those that cannot travel far but have a desire to do it near? I realize that much is being done far and near, but how do we help each other go where we desire to go with the confidence needed to succeed in the work of missions?
Finding Brazil Mission Trip 074Photo/Image By: KidMoxie
I would love to hear what  you have to say about this topic. What do you think should be done to reach the world with the love of Jesus no matter where they may be,  far or near?

Be blessed, have a great weekend and remember to Keep Your Eyes On Jesus!

What’s Your Story?

As the world grows darker and darker, we are given this opportunity as Christians to shine brighter and brighter with the truth of God’s love. In light of all that is going on in the world today, the best way for you not to get distracted, discouraged, delayed or denied of the promises God has given us in His word, is to stand on that word.  One sure way to stay focused as you stand is to, KEEP YOUR EYES ON JESUS! Hebrews 12:2 (CEV) says….We must keep our eyes on Jesus, who leads us and makes our faith complete. He endured the shame of being nailed to a cross, because he knew that later on he would be glad he did. Now he is seated at the right side of God’s throne! What is your story about how you stood, stayed focused on Jesus and saw the faithfulness of who He is as it was manifested in your life.  Look forward to hearing from you.